To provide high-quality services for more professional and refined talents training in Sino-foreign cooperation projects and international students cultivation, the School of International Education has set up several divisions including General Office/Party Committee Office, Teaching Office, Student Affairs /Youth League Committee Office, Project Management Office and other Auxiliary institutions for talents training.It also has 3 fundamental teaching organizations, i.e., Information Management and Information System Teaching Center, Environmental Design Teaching Center, Language & Cultural Teaching Center. There are 8 full-time administrative employees and more than 60 Chinese and foreign full-time and part-time teachers. 

Welcome to contact us through the following contact information.

Management Team

        Party Committee Leader:  

        Vice Secretary of CPC: Li Yong   Tel: 027-81973628    

        Executive Leaders:  

        Vice Dean:  Wu Changqing    Tel: 027-81977046 

        Vice Dean:  Zhang Jinjun      Tel: 027-81973929  

        Administrative offices:

        General Office/Party Committee Office

        Office directorZhou Ping  Tel027-81977057

        Teaching Office:  Tel: 027-81977057

        Student Affairs  Office:

        Student Counselors: Liu Jie, Xiong Jun  Tel: 027-81973929

        Project Management Office:

        Contact person: Chen Fuyao     Tel: 027-81977057